We are Partnering With Bike Shops Around The Country

We are Partnering With Bike Shops Around The Country

First bike shope we partner with is: Dave’s Cycle from Fairfield CT!


We’re dedicated to supplying you with the highest level of enjoyment, so you’ll so ride as frequently as you want, with the reassurance, that we have got your back.

We genuinely care about our clients and the connection they have with their bicycle, so we’re making bicycle ownership even more enjoyable and simple with Dave’s + Protection. This 5 year plan extends the life span of the manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee and covers normal wear and tear on any new  purchased from bike shop in Fairfield CT.

At a minimum expense of only 10 percent of your bicycle purchase, Dave’s Cycle & Fitness will replace your worn components, including labor, for 5 years. We need nothing more than to keep you and your bike secure and on the road.

Whether you purchase a beach cruiser, a tandem, a road bike, a mountain bike or even a pedal-assist, Dave’s + Protection will give you peace of mind and enable you to enjoy your bicycle without concern for regular wear and tear repairs, or just a simple flat tire.

We wish to be the bike shop and repair facility you turn to for all your cycling needs. We carymultiple top level bike brands.

For the past 47 years Dave’s Cycle has been operating, earning customer’s confidence and trust, that has been a crucial ingredient to our wellbeing and success.

We need nothing more than to keep you and your bike secure and on the street.

Whether you own a beach cruiser, a tandem, a street bike, a mountain bike or a pedal-assist, we’re the place to make your ride for scheduled maintenance, critical technical fixes, or only a simple tire change.
Initially on Putnam Avenue, the shop moved into it’s present place in 1969.


He sold it to his manager, Glen VanCura in 1992.

In 2014 Glen welcomed a new investor and equal partner in the industry; Deb Carrara, longtime client and friend since 1999. This new venture enabled Dave’s Cycle to thrive, and to expand to the world of pedal-assist electric bicycles, and create a new web presence with which to flaunt it. The client base continued to grow, while not outgrowing the households which have been serviced by the shop for generations.

Ever since that time they’ve updated their standing as Business Partners to that of Life Partners and were married in 2015, merging their two terrific families.