Best Massage Chair Under 1000: Top 5 Affordable Models [2019]

Best Massage Chair Under 1000: Top 5 Affordable Models [2019]

There was a time when the idea of buying a massage chair occurred only to those whose purses were especially well-lined. However, these days not only are massage chairs available under $1,000, there are so many that you may have a hard time deciding which are the best massage chairs under $1,000.

The answer is simple – the ones that offer the best combination of useful features and quality build in as affordable a package as possible.

Considering the extents to which companies spend on advertisements (some of which are quite confusing), can muddle even experts, to say nothing of the average buyer.

To reduce the time you spend in searching for that right massage chair, we have carried out extensive and in depth research and come up with a short list of massage chairs that offer value for money propositions under $1,000.

Top 5Massage Chairs Under $1000 Comparison & Consumer Models

Human Touch Massage Chair iJoy-2580 – good under 500 option

Ijoy 2580

Easily one of the best massage chairs that are budget friendly. This Human Touch Massage Chair product offers 3 different massage options which are fully automated and provide a highly invigorating experience to the user as pointed out by Robin from site.

While this may appear lower than that of the above mentioned products, keep in mind that at its price, it is hard to find a massage chair that can deliver even a single good massage. Further, the product has a built in remote control system that allows for easy modification of the high quality robotic massage systems.

Alongside these, there is an additional massage softening pad that can be removed if the user so desires. Improving the experience further is the power recline, which removes the necessity of manual adjustments. The auxiliary power outlet provides the user flexibility as far as power options are concerned. Last but not least, the product is protected against defects by a one year warranty.

New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 – great chair under 2000

EC-69 chairMade of high quality materials with superior upholstery using supple and soft leather like material, this product is capable of offering some of the most innovative types of massage without one having to make any major adjustments.

These include the rolling technique, which emulates the fixed point of a revolving finger as it oscillates up and down for effective direct results.

Further, the product offers the kneading function, which helps remove any knotting that occurs in the muscles, and helps relax them in general.

The world famous shiatsu technique when applied by this massage chair, ensures reduced fatigue and a physical and mental rejuvenation reminiscent of a massage by a professional massage specialist. Indeed, this shiatsu massage is applied using power rollers that ensure higher potency of the massage.

This product places especial emphasis on the lower part of the body, offering compression and percussion massage to improve the mobility and posture of the lower limbs.

If four massage methods weren’t enough, the product also offers chop action tapping and flapping, which ensure adequate neural and muscular stimulation, lowers muscle soreness and softens thick deposits of body fat, making it one of the best chairs under $1,000 in terms of number of features offered.

HT Massage Chair iJoy-2310

ijoy 2310Easily the most affordable product on this list, the iJoy-2310 offers 3 invigorating automatic massage programs and a total of four massage techniques that will remind you of the high end massage parlor. Further, like its fellow product iJoy-2580, the iJoy-2310 offers a removable massage softening pad to increase the impact of the massage.

Interestingly, while many products are too heavy to move, this one is not only light but has wheels that help users transport it without much hassle. Further, there is a controller storage for storing the easy to use controller, thus precluding possibilities of misplacing the controller. This product too comes with a one year warranty.

New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 82

Endowed with 30 airbags, this product offers a combination of vibrators and rollers for a fulfilling massage.

The vibrators act through the foot and calves region, the seat cushion and the recline, while the rollers relieve tired muscles through the backrest. The impact of these are enhanced by the ability of the product to accurately gauge the body shape and type and adjust itself accordingly.

Further, the product offers one of the largest stroke lengths, which when combined with the ability to reach deep massage points like the tsubo points on the neck, make the strokes extremely effective.

In terms of the variety of massage options available, this product is easily one of the best massage chairs in any price bracket, offering kneading, rolling, chop action tapping and flapping and shiatsu. Alongside these, it offers peace of mind through a 1 year limited warranty that covers all the parts in the massage chair.

Osaki Massage Chair – Osaki OS-1000 – best massage brand

Osaki 1000Osaki OS-1000 is a great chair from famous Osaki Brand

Real Relax Massage Chair

The reason that Real Relax takes last spot out of  five is that it is a mix of the BestMassage  and Merax getting some features from both, but not implementing things right.

It gets fixed-frame and Shiatsu massage heads, but there’s no Body Scan to shift position.

It offers a decent air massage that features thirty 1st Generation Airbags foot massage.

Conclusion on best zero gravity massage chair

The above list of products shows that the myth of massage chair benefits being available only to the rich is now a myth.

Not only are these products affordable, they offer the features that actually make a difference to your health. Indeed, with the best massage chair under 1000 dollars you can be assured of enjoying a comfortable and healthy life without unduly damaging your bank balance.